Sr. Digital Project Manager

Hilversum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands · Project Management


We are looking for a postproficient project manager to devour deadlines and manage miracles at our Hilversum HQ. Together with your fellow Project Monks, you are responsible for the progress of our projects. At MediaMonks, this means being able to hustle your way between multifarious development technologies and conflicting deliverables.

As a senior project manager, we expect you to be well-acquainted with the tricks of the trade. Your 5+ years of experience in (digital) advertising have made you fabulous at dealing with stress and phenomenal at communicating with (stressed-out) clients. To other Monks, you seem utterly unaffected by impending deadlines. ‘Keep calm and get shit done’ is what this job is all about.

Working at MediaMonks means you’ll be managing projects that engage with the latest digital technologies. In some cases, best practices have yet to evolve, so your capacity to think along and establish priorities in any situation is critical to ensuring a smooth launch. Other challenges include managing bulk launches and rollouts to potentially any country with internet access. (Maybe our annual winter sports trip should be part of this list too, you decide.) If you think you’ll manage magnificently and are keen to help launch some badass digital campaigns, you should apply ASAP. Feel free to use superlatives.

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